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Monday, July 16, 2012

Boyfriend Did Not Use My Body – Ameesha Kavindi

Ammesha Kavindi, not so popular in the mini screen however famous in the silver screen says nthat her boyfriend Arjun Kamalanath did not use her body to get publicity. Her next movie Igillenna Ai Dagalanne directed by Arjun, she poses in scens in a bikini, in simple terms ‘ half naked’.

It’s not a popular secret that she plays the main role with only Kamalanath in ‘ANY ‘movie.

Ameesha stated that if she has to wear a bikini she’ll do it and she feels she looks quiet good in it, and if she has to act half naked she’ll do it. However, if she’s got to act in an adult’s only movie she’ll ‘think about it’.

Ameesha currently living with popular silver screen actor Arjun says that, living together before marriage is no big deal, and many people do so but they don’t boast about it in public.

Lovers on screen and in real life.

Peshala‘s ‘Denuwan’ was originally for S S movie

‘ Denuwan’ Peshala Manoj’s hit song these days, has a big story behind it. Peshala says that this song was originally designed for a popular movie these days, ( hint : S S ), he was to do this song with the support of renowned modern generation artist Iraj Weeresinghe, however there had been a few disagreements with the movie ‘ guys,’ so he did not do that song.

But don’t worry Pesh isn’t a pea drop sad about it. He says he’s happy about it in fact; he’s got reasonable popularity without the so called hit movie’s spine.

Amila performed three days before labuor

Amila Nadeeshani welcomed another member into her family. On the 7th of May. This time a baby girl.
And the surprising news is Amila has performed in a concert just three days before she’s got into labuor.

She says that she’ll not retire from hr singing profession and she’ll be sure to carry her kids along where ever she goes. Independence is the key to raising good kids she says.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Srimali Wins and Nobody cares !

Congratulations Srimali Fonseka!
Srimali Fonseka won the Mrs. Asia International Global contest 2012. She is a proud mother of an eight year old daughter.
 24 contestants participated in the contest and Srimali also won the mini pageants ‘Mrs. Body Beautiful’, ‘Mrs. Photogenic’ and ‘Mrs. Personality’.

Looks like, the beauty industry is thriving in the country these days lining up with Gayesha and now Srimali.

This is old news but, the point is a lady got our name       ‘Sri Lanka’ going to the world, she’s not a so called actress; however the media doesn’t seem to be giving enough support and publicity to these gorgeous ladies. But if one of these pageants were hosted by a popular TV channel, may be they would have had a chance.

Let’s hope she’ll make it to Mrs. World and get her name in to the book of beauty just like Former Mrs. Sri Lanka Rosey Senenayake.

Sri Lanka shouldn’t be subjective to only a few professions such a cricket, cricket, cricket and let me guess again yeah cricket.

The comment slot is open!

Nadeesha Fights On Set

Nadeesha Hemamali,  pioneered her acting career via modeling. She had made a clear road towards building up her career as a popular actress and she’s popular for her ‘hot’ fashion statements.
But recently she hasn’t been able to get into the good books with a director. Her latest tele ‘ Adariye ‘  directed by Thisula Deepa, has had enough with her.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Gayesha Did Not Bend the Rules

Gayesha gained recent popularity by winning two pageants at the Miss Asia Pacific 2012 Contest.  As Gossip Sri lanka reported recently Pushipka former Miss Sri Lanka lost her chance of a role in the movie Siri Dalada Gamanaya, Chiefly because of the fuss of her bikini photo shoots. Gayesha also shared her opinion about the recent bikini fuss. Well, according to Gaya, as a model wearing a bikini is not an issue especially if you are representing Sri Lanka a bikini does not mean that you are indecent but if you wear a bikini on the road then there’s an issue as it’s disrespectful to our culture.

The recent popularity trend through the media by reality tv shows like Dancing Stars and Dance Stars Dance, many celebrities gained popularity, Gayesha also participated in those reality tv shows, but she did not win the event. In an interview conducted by the Mawbima newspaper she stated that she did not win the title because she did not bend her rules (whatever that means). 
As anyone would admit to get to the top of the ladder support is needed, especially from the politico’s, she also admitted that she too accepted the help of a few politicians especially for media publicity. She also quoted that these political connections are her fiancé’s courtesy. 

Suraj’s Failed Love Story

Suraj Mapa was silent for quiet a long time in the news world. Here’s a little leak about his love life. Suraj says that he has fallen in love with actresses on set. Oops!! Yes he has, but very few love stories have their success unfortunately, not Suraj because he had some mismatched opinions with his sweet hearts.  
After all if anyone including Suraj wants to settle down with a family, hunting for the best match is wise.

Banning Sites Disadvantage To All Celebrities

Latest in the gossip world especially web gossip is the banning of a few sites for false news about celebrities. Many Sri Lankan Celebrities seems to be jumping up with joy. Some of them even said, yes they need a personal life apart from their professional life. Amongst them an extremely popular actor shared his opinion fearlessly, that is Ranjan Ramanayake.
R.R says that this is a disadvantage to all celebrities. Well he has his political opinions too! Apart from that he said that through web sites everyone has the right to know their opinion and the truth. He also said that even though the news may not be 100% true at least there’s a 75% possibility of truth revealed.
He further accused some celebrities of using their own mobile phones to take pictures of them and gain popularity. R.R says that when he was a fan of Vijay Kumarathunga he too liked to read about his affairs and the latest gossip.

R.R’s opinion is a thought to think about, everyone likes to know the latest about any celebrity. That’s why the paparazzi is popular, and why do people want to be popular in the first place? Well because they want everyone to know them.

Asha on to producing

Asha Edirisinghe has been a victim of the deadly diseases dengue but, don’t worry she’s recovered. She has not publicized about her sickness much; however her screen friends haven’t forgotten to check on her via mobile.

And last but not least she too has joined the producing trend, she’ll be producing her own new tele drama and her production title will be ‘Adfinity’. Hope she’ll make a difference from the current tele trend.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Gayesha at Miss Asia Pacific World 2012

Sri Lanka’s proud winner in the titles Miss Best Personality and the Best National costume was won by, Gayasha Perera at Miss Asia Pacific 2012. Indeed this island is proud of Gayesha’s achievement.

Gayesha is indeed happy about her achievement but she still believes that the country ought to give much attention to the beauty industry just as the cricket world, because after all they all represent the country internationally.

And she also hinted a bit about her love life, the lucky guy is manager and also a bit of a singer, he has one hit song, Gayesha will reveal more about him soon.

Anusha ‘ Marriage doesn’t have to be on a paper’

Anusha Damayanthi a popular actress who gained sensational popularity by a reality television programme.
 In her mid thirties Anusha being single is bothering her fans as well as the media. Anusha says that marriage does not need to be written or stated in a paper, people register their marriage for merely two reasons
  1. for compensation after divorce
  2. to divide their property

Tarushi Perera Quarrels with Director on set

Tarushi Perera may not be as sweet as she looks in reality; chitchat has it that she has had a heated argument with a director on set recently.
 This incident took place in Kurunagala while shooting the tele drama Ruwal Paru, The argument with director Sumith Kumara was about  her script it seems. She has left the set with tears.

Well Tharushi sweet can sometimes be sour rite?

Shiroshi Romeshika Lost With False Rumors

Shiroshi Romeshika was hidden from the screen for quiet a long time; well she does have her part to say, regarding a few rumors.

In an interview conducted in the Meewitha newspaper by Dinesh Witana ,Romeshika  denied her absence. She stated that she was neglected in the industry for no reason; she’s vanished too with rumors about her.
When the interviewer asked as to why many claim that they were unable to contact her, Romey said that the people who tried to contact her has suceeded and she has no reason to switch off her phone and hide from the public.
She added that she is not picky about the main character or her role to play as a subordinate character; if she can be reasonable to a role she’ll play her part.

Danjaya Dislikes Acting With Few Actresses

Sibling of the famous singer Madumadawa, Dananjaya Siriwardana has made it through the industry as a unique character, with both talent and the looks.
 Dananjaya believes that the reason for his popularity or in other words the chance of being an actor should be asked by the people who introduced him to the industry, they are his father Sunil Siriwarsana, Anoja Weerasinghe and Ashoka Hadagama.

To be an actor the looks and links will lead the way however according to Dana you should become skilled at the subject then permanency is rest guaranteed in the industry.

He too is confused with the popularity trend. Actresses get instant popularity than the actors, but Dana questions the rating style of popularity. Dana says that people do get popular through their character or through the tele drama they act in but it’s a handful who gets popular for their talent or who they are, ‘ I’ve worked hard in this industry, and never have I danced, sang songs or sent SMS to gain popularity’.

Novice actresses are not at all any actor’s toy dolls, neither are actors any of their toy boys. Dana says that he’s never fallen in love with anybody on set and he admits that he dislikes acting with particular actresses but at occasions he has no choice but to surrender.

Rather than the silver screen Dana says that he prefers acting in the mini screen.

(Courtesy Mawbima)

Sathish Perera’s Wife Speaks

Sathish Perera has left his warmth behind. In an interview his wife Dinesha said that she still misses his warmth, the baby is now one years old. He still doesn’t understand that his father is not around anymore.

She thanked everyone for their support in helping her cope up with Sathish’s loss.

When asked about her reaction if any of Sathish’s songs will be remixed or used as ringing tones, she will not allow it to be contaminated and as his wife she has the right to sue them. But in future she will let Sathish’s fans listen to his voice again.

Angela Puts Agony Away and Returns

 Angela was proved innocent in the recent drug phenomena, but things didn’t go well for her as she lost a prestigious job after working for eleven years.

She’s making her move back again to the Movie industry after taking a break for eleven years, she’s not getting her job back but at least the talented diva will be seen back on screen sooner, with the premier of Nalaka Withanage’s,’ Rupantara’