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Friday, July 13, 2012

Nadeesha Fights On Set

Nadeesha Hemamali,  pioneered her acting career via modeling. She had made a clear road towards building up her career as a popular actress and she’s popular for her ‘hot’ fashion statements.
But recently she hasn’t been able to get into the good books with a director. Her latest tele ‘ Adariye ‘  directed by Thisula Deepa, has had enough with her.

The reason was refusing to fit on outfits designed for her to recite her character in the tele drama.
At first she has directly rejected the clothes on set, when the production team tried to influence her to wear the assigned clothing, and there had been a heated argument within her and the producers.

Later on she had insisted the director to make the producers apologize to her in public. However Thisula has declined her request, which twisted the nerves of Nadee and blobbed a string of unpleasant language to the director as well as the production team.
Hot tempered Nadee has said that she quit her character in the tele.
She has not just left the set but has requested for transport to leave immediately, Thisula had denied it and said she will be supplied transport only after filming is over.

One and all, condemns Nadee’s behavior on set especially the director. Nadeesha acting bitchy is not that smart, especially with a director, after all if not for them you wouldn’t have been in the acting turf.


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